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Mark B. Resetarits, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician



Dr. Mark's Recommended Reading List

Good Reads:


Book of the Month Paleo Diet by Loren Cordan, PHd


Dr. Mark's Recommended Reading List
Author Title
Abramson Overdose America
Amen Change Your Brain
Angell Truth About the Drug Co.
Barnard Foods That Fight Pain
Barry The Great Influenza
Blaylock Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients
Blaylock Health & Nutrition Secrets
Blaylock Excitoxins
Calder Nutrition & Immune Function
Canfield/Hansen Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul
Cohen Milk: The Deadly Poison
Cordain Paleo Diet
Crayhon Nutrition Made Simple
Erasmus Fats That Heal -- Fats That Kill
Glenmullen Prozac Backlash
Midkiff Meat You Eat
Packer Antioxidant Miracle
Perlmutter Brain
Pert Molecules of Emotion
Rabin Stress, Immune Function & Health
Rogers Detoxify or Die
Schlosser Fast Food Nation
Schmidt Brain Building Nutrition
Sears Anti-Inflamation Zone
Sears Omega RX Zone
Simontacchi Crazy Makers
Stoll Omega 3 Connection
Stordy LCP Solution
Twogood No Milk
Vanderhaeghe Healthy Fats for Life
Walsh Food Allergies
Wilson Adrenal Fatigue