Food and environmental sensitivities

Are foods and your environment making you sick? Inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system due to food intolerance has been linked to: *Digestive Disorders * Migraines * Obesity * Chronic Fatigue * ADD/ADHD* Aching Joints * Arthritis * and many more. With Alcat food sensitivity testing we can look at up to 200 foods and environmental toxins to see if you are sensitive to them and at what level, Mild – Moderate – Severe.

Vitamin D3 Testing

Research linking a variety of disease states and general wellness to Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency (levels measured below 32 ng/ml) does not have obvious symptoms and can increase your risk for more serious diseases including flu, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis. In addition, an increased risk for strokes, diabetes (types 1 and 2), depression, and breast and colon cancer are closely linked to low Vitamin D levels.

ZRT has developed and refined Vitamin D testing (both D2 and D3) in dried blood spots. A few drops of blood from a quick and nearly painless nick of the finger are placed on a filter paper to dry. This can be performed easily in the convenience of your home. The dried blood spot sample is then sent to ZRT for analysis. With ZRT's innovative blood spot test, there is no more wasted time and resources going to a lab for a painful blood draw.

Gut Health

Cyrex™ is a Clinical Immunology Laboratory Specializing in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity. Cyrex™ offers multi-tissue antibody testing for the early detection and monitoring of today's complex autoimmune conditions. Cyrex™ develops innovative arrays through continuous collaboration with leading experts in medical research and clinical practice.

These labs test for leaky gut, gluten sensitivity, gluten associated cross-reactive foods and foods sensitivity and auto-immune reactivity screen.

Omega 3's Fatty Acid Screening

Allowing individuals to supply a simple finger stick sample of blood that can then be tested for a complete fatty acid profile.

The Holman kit includes an at-home method for obtaining a blood spot sample, which is analyzed by Lipid Technologies using their precision proprietary method for high sensitivity blood-spot omega 3 analysis. This test identifies your complete fatty acid profile, specifically focusing on your omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid levels. The test helps determine the ratio of inflammatory fats to anti-inflammatory fats. When this ratio is off your risk of disease increases.

Functional Adrenal Stress Screening

Do you suffer from fatigue, depression, weight problems, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders…hormone imbalance, chronic illness, or even diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, or diabetes?

Would like to get your hormone levels – such as cortisol and progesterone – evaluated on saliva, the most accurate form of hormone testing? Do you want to feel better? Perform at a higher level?

Your health concerns can be managed and resolved with functional lab testing and integrative approaches to treatment.

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